About the On a Disc & The Info Coaster

On A Disc is a young, vibrant company, which has developed a unique marketing product. The company is overseen by three directors; two of which are from the financial service industry and the third with extensive experience in development and design covering a wide range of sectors. On A Disc.com provides a 21st Century cost effective innovative medium to further enhance corporate image and above the line brand marketing for major companies, institutions and industries. A true environmentally friendly mass marketing tool that is portable, dynamic, easy to use, durable cost effective and collectable.

one of the most cost effective and practical marketing tools any business could have

Terry Miller - Owner of Rockafella Restaurant

More About Our Clients

Marriot Hotels, Derwentside Council, Rockafella Restaurant, York House Construction are but a few that found benefits of On A Disc.com. The list is growing so come and be a part of it now!